What’s the best lace closure for each occasion?

by Kristen

Closures are full coverage attachments usually attached to a wig or your scalp. Lace Closures are produced to mimic the scalp. They are placed over your hairline and can be styled or parted in different ways. The base of the hair closure is made from lace and hair strands are attached to it.

Closures are generally used to have a natural look after styling your hair. They can be glued, sewn in, or taped. There are different types of hair closures and the type you choose has a lot in determining the final look of your hairstyle. Lace closures also come in different sizes. They can be bleached or dyed to any color you want.

This article will review the different types of lace closures.

Types of Closures

There are different types of lace closures and knowing the different types will help you make a better choice when choosing your hairstyle.

1. Lace closures

They are the most popular types of closures. They have an estimated size of 4 × 4. Hence lace closures are usually small and occupy just a small part of the wig or scalp. When placed on the scalp, they give a natural look and feel.

Lace closures come in three different parts

  • Middle part/one part

Just as its name implies, the only part in this closure can actually go through the styling process. It’s usually placed in the middle or at one side of the weave.

  • Three-part lace closure

As the name implies, three-part lace closures have 3 parts. It can be styled from any of the three parts. With the three-part closure, there are more styling options.

  • Free part lace closure

The free part lace closure has more styling options. The closure is not parted at any point, you are to choose where to part it. You can take all the hair backward, sideways, or whichever way you please. It is highly recommended due to its versatility.

2. Full lace closures/ frontal

Full lace closures or frontal covers a wider span than the lace closures and runs from ear to ear. They look more natural than lace closures. Full lace closures come in two different sizes, 13 × 4 closure, and 13 × 6 lace closure. They are a great choice for women whose hair is thinning out and for those experiencing hair loss. Full lace closures are very versatile and give a wide variety of styling options. If you are really creative, you can style one hair in so many ways.

3. Silk based closures

Silk-based closures look like the full lace closures and they come in the same size (13 × 4 and 13 × 6). They look natural as the skin and have hairs attached to the silk base. They are not as natural as the full lace closures and they do not lie flat. To get a more even tone, it is best to tint the base to look just like your skin.


Now that you are aware of the various types of hair closures, it will be quite easy to make a choice. Wigs have come to stay. If you must rock them, then following the right steps is crucial.

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