Five Suitable Locket Styles for Your Necklaces

by Kristen

Lockets are types of pendants that hang from a chain like on locket necklaces which you can find on Bildkette. They come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, depending on your preference. Necklace lockets can be modern, vintage, or whimsical, making the chain look beautiful and stylish. You can have your locket personalized by choosing the materials you want to be used and even the color. Some material options include gold, rose gold, diamond, silver, and gemstones. In this extract, we discuss the types of lockets for your necklaces.

Types of Lockets for Your Necklaces

When shopping for a locket, there are several types you need to consider. Shape and frame influence the type of locket but also, what is carried inside it is a determiner of style.

1. Single Frame Lockets

It refers to lockets with an open detail at the front and only one frame on the inside. This locket style is ideal for placing photos. Put a picture of yourself, your significant other, or any other person that you cherish. You can attach the locket to a chain; hence, it ceases to be bare and boring and gains sentimental value. Since the locket front is not fully solid, anyone can see parts of the photo without opening the locket.

2. Single Frame on Each Side

This style of lockets has two frames located on either side. The two frames provide room for multiple photos, thus more memories to hold close to your heart. The locket can be used symbolically by placing a photo of you and your loved one to describe your union or marriage. You can also pass down the locket to your future generation with both pictures as a keepsake.

3. Clear or Transparent Lockets

The lockets are also known as floating lockets and are made of glass or crystal, which allow you to see through them. This locket style is more modern than others and allows for more customization options like the addition of charms. The lockets have great benefits; however, privacy is limited since anyone can see what’s inside.

4. Expandable Lockets

This locket type holds even more photos than the one with two frames. Its ability to expand contributes to this as it opens up exposing more frames. The number of frames varies and must be considered before buying the locket. If you have many photos to insert, go for a large version of the locket or one with many frames.

5. Diffuser Lockets

They are also called aromatherapy lockets. They contain a diffuser where you add essential oils. The oils are safe and give off a pleasant smell similar to perfumes or fragrant herbs that can also be used. The scent is produced all day, leaving you feeling fresh and smelling nice.

Final Words

The market is flooded with jewellery, meaning everyone can get what they want and fit their purpose. In the same line, a wide variety of lockets is available to choose from. When buying, ask to see the different styles since they all differ in many ways like characteristics, shape, and price.

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