How to Pick the Right Hair Extension

by Kristen

Clean, groomed or braided. That is how women want their hair to always be. Achieving that may take time and this keeps them preoccupied day and night. But there are some days when they do not have the energy nor motivation to touch a strand of their hair. Admittedly it gets tiring sometimes but a hair extension will do the trick.

For those wishing they had hair like Rapunzel, you can only imagine the work. Yes, the hair was beautiful. Thumbs up to Disney on that one. But you need a hair you can manage. So what happens when you’re too tired to touch your hair? An extension cheveux is what you need.

Your favorite celebrities use hair extensions and not Rapunzel. They walk the red carpet with smiles from the moon and the calm of the river. Showing their clear skin, beautiful dresses, and well-styled hair. Who would have thought these extensions had that effect?

Remember looking at someone on the red carpet and screaming “she is so beautiful”? You can get that look too and rock it like you were a celebrity from birth. All that is needed from you is to take some time to carefully pick out your hair extensions. You then have to apply them, then use good hair straighteners to maintain them.

You are going to look as sweet as ever. Are you ready to slay that hair extension? Here is how you can achieve that.

Hair Extension Type

You should make sure of the type of hair extension you are buying. It won’t be right to go for just any hair extension type. When you start your search you will find a lot of synthetic hair, Remy and non-Remy, and human hair. It can get a little overwhelming to choose. But keep in mind that you deserve the best so go for Remy hair extension. Why? Because it is real human hair and will last longer than other human hair and of course longer the synthetic one.

Some say that with good maintenance its might last a lifetime because just like the hair on your head it does not spoil when you take care of it.

Hair Color

Choosing the right hair color for you can sound a little cliché, but it is just as important and people forget. Pay unusual attention when shopping for hair extensions with color in mind. You need to pick an extension that is the same color as your hair. The whole point is for it is an actual extension of your hair and not an addition.

For people with hair of more than one color, you are encouraged to find a dual-blended or tri-blended color extension that will match. You are advised to carry out this shopping session during the day. Allowing the daylight to reveal all the shades on the hair extension to you.

Hair Texture

Just when were you going to ask? The whole point of the search is to find an extension that will blend with your hair. And your hair texture should be on that list.


It is a bad idea to trust just anyone with your hair, so go for quality and choose wisely. Snatch that dream look with your hair extensions and relieve yourself of always having to arrange your hair so often.

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