Hairstyles you can make with three bundles and closure

by Kristen

Believe it or not, your hair can make or mar your outfit. The right hairstyle can make you gorgeous and chic even without any form of makeup. With the new trend of hair and wigs, the things you can do with hair are endless. However, not all hair bundles will be enough for every kind of hairstyle. Also, the styles you can make with closure are slightly different from that of a frontal.

With 3 bundles with closures, the hairstyles you can make are numerous. You just need to know what suits your taste and face. To some people, the amount of money you spend on hair units is an investment especially if they are expensive and long-lasting. If you are in this school of thought, then you would want to make the most of any hair unit you purchase.

The good thing about buying hair bundles and closure is the fact that you can make it in a wig and wear it at different times. If you like to switch things up, you can even change the color and style after some time and it is going to look good as new.

In this article, we will be reviewing some amazing hairstyles you can make with three bundles and hair closures. I am sure you will love them.

Amazing hairstyles for three bundles and Hair Closures

With a hair closure, your hairstyle is mostly dependent on the type of hair unit you are getting. There are different types of hair closures and the type you pick will determine how well you can style it. However, here are few styles you can make with three bundles and closure hair units that will match any outfit.

1. Long straight hair

The love for straight hair is the reason why most ladies stretch their natural hair. Three bundles and a hair closure will be just right to make a long straight hair. However, the fullness of the hair depends on its length. The shorter the length, the fuller it looks.

2. Bob

Bob has been a trend for decades now and it never goes out of style. With three bundles and hair closure, you can conveniently make a bob hairstyle. However, to properly maintain a bob hairstyle you will need a flat iron and a hot comb.

3. Curly hair

Curly hair has a way of making you look young and attractive. It doesn’t matter if it is long, short, or medium length, every girl should have curly hair in her hair closet. Three bundles and closure of curly hair unit will give you full and bouncy hair.

4. Body wave

Body wave is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. It has a sleek and elegant feel to it that makes it stand out on any occasion. With the right hair type, three bundles and closure can make an elegant body wave hairstyle.


A lot of ladies when picking a new hairstyle are fond of asking, “How many bundles will be enough for this hairstyle?” hopefully, this article has been able to answer that.

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