How Should You Care for Your Gelled Nails?

by Kristen

You love the fabulous, glossy, as well as flawless nails. Gel nails give your nails an incredible color coupled with luxurious shiny finishing. Therefore, they are an ideal alternative to conventional acrylic nails. Usually, the Gel Top Coat glides on like in the case of nail polish. It dries up in the next few minutes. Gelled nails can last for roughly three weeks or more. Therefore, if you want to make the nails last longer, you should implement the following tricks and tips.

Easy ways to maintain your gelled nails

1. Get the correct length of Gel Nail Polish

If you get a gel nail polish treatment, you should ensure that you have invested in a length that’s easy to maintain. Although gels are firm and barely prone to damage coupled with chipping, it is also factual that a comfortable length will always allow you to handle more activities.

2. Go with a light color

It is advisable to choose a light color because it will give a fresher look to your nails if they are imperfect in any way. Besides, when the nails begin to grow out, you will realize that it is less obvious to notice some growth.

3. It would help if you had gloves

Before you apply gel nail polish, you’ll need to purchase hand gloves. This is especially true for people who clean their homes and surfaces regularly, as gloves should provide nail protection. This should not only keep the nails shiny but help in enhancing their health and look.

4. Moisturize your gel nail polish

It is essential to moisturize your hands and nails often. With the gelled nails, you need to ensure that you invest in some of the best moisturizers in the market. This should make the nails less brittle as well as healthy, generally.

5. Apply lotion around your cuticles

To care for your nails even better, you should apply lotion around the cuticles. While at it, you should use a device like an earbud to apply Aquaphor to the cuticles before gelling it. If you get gel polish on the cuticle, it will land on the Aquaphor. You can then wipe it off once done with the gel polish and manicure.

6. Avoid picking your nails

Do not pick on your nails, especially if it time to remove the gels. The best thing to do is contact a professional nail technician to remove the gel. Peeling will end up damaging the nails, leading to dryness. They will also be brittle.


There you go. You must understand what it takes to take care of your gelled nails properly. After three weeks, you can always go back to the salon for another application. A gel treatment should last up to three weeks. It won’t chip or break in any way. You should strive to get the nails soaked in between the salon appointments and the gel treated with cuticle oil. Like several nail treatments, you should give the nails up to five days break before applying gel polish again.

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