Top mistakes you should avoid with your braided wigs

by Kristen

Wigs with braids or otherwise known as braided wigs have become more popular amongst women who love to save time and still maintain a beautiful look while at it. This is mostly because of the flexibility and versatility that it comes with. They also serve as a great protective style for natural hair.

However, it’s been established that a lot of people do not know mistakes to avoid when rocking these wigs. If you’re concerned about knowing these mistakes and how you can avoid them, then stick to this article!

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Braided Wigs

1. Over-styling Your Edges

“Less is more,” they say. A lot of women prefer to have their edges laid to perfection. While this can be beautiful, it still doesn’t file out the fact that over-styling your baby hairs can lead to permanent damage if your hair follicles. Therefore, you only need to lay the edges to a certain extent when retaining the natural look. Mild edge control is always the best option for this.

2. Refusal to Braid Your Hair Underneath The Wig

The first way to ensure that your wig doesn’t come off as lumpy after wearing it is to always make a few neat cornrows before wearing them. Everyone needs to have their cornrows on to maintain a flat surface. It’s worthy to note that most women do not put cornrows on before their wig caps. Instead, they wear the wig, put it in whatever that they can muster, and then leave. This is a huge mistake that shouldn’t be Refusal to put your natural hair in cornrows will only earn you an unattractive look at the end of the day; this is the last thing you want to happen.

3. Choosing Unflattering or Unattractive Color Of Braid

The truth is that everyone is welcomed to experiment with the colors that they choose. But then, if you feel like the color you have chosen won’t compliment your looks or skin tone, the best you can do is redye or purchase the braided wig in another color. In essence, the color of your braids should go with your overall look. Your clothes, everyday lifestyle, etc should all be put into consideration while choosing the color of your braids.

4. Not Styling Properly

The success of your wig depends on the amount of effort you’ve invested into styling it. Regardless of how you’ve chosen to alter your wig, always make sure that enough attention is given to the details at the end of the day. Even if you have a synthetic braided wig on, you owe it to yourself to make sure that people don’t find out about it. This means that you should allocate enough time to the styling and care of your wig.

Final Thoughts

Braided wigs have come to stay. They are one of the simplest ways to remain at the top of hair trends. How you treat or care for yours will determine how long it will last. Always remember to pay closer attention to details.

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