What Is The Ideal Style For Your Human Hair Wigs?

by Kristen

Most individuals believe that human hair wigs appear, feel, and bounce more realistically than artificial wigs – popularly known as synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are also more costly and need more styling efforts. If you acquire a human hair wig for everyday use or simply for private or special events, you should try styling it before every use. A human hair wig could last up to a year or more if properly cared for and worn daily. 

Below are some essential items for styling and caring for your wig made of human hair:

  • A curved hairbrush 
  • A comb with wide-tooth
  • Leave-in conditioner and hair moisturizing shampoo
  • A napkin
  • A hairdryer
  • A doll wig head
  • T-pins are a type of pin that holds the hair together 
  • Straightening tools like a blow dryer or curling brush

How to care for your human hair wig

1. Care for your human hair wig by washing and blow-drying it:

Initially, you need to use a wide-toothed brush or flat brush to untangle your human hair wig. Then proceed by using lukewarm water and moisturizing shampoo to wash it from bottom to tip, brushing in a retrograde direction. 

It’s also a good idea to wash the interior of the cap. Apply leave-in conditioner to the wig after being cleaned, excluding the bottom area, and leaving it on for a few minutes. Using a napkin, wipe the wig dry after carefully rinsing it. 

Separate the hair with a wide-toothed comb after patting the wig dry, especially if it has a monofilament part or top design. After that, style your hair using detangler, heat-protecting spray, and other styling products.

2. Style your human hair wig with heat styling equipment:

You will most likely damage yourself if you use the heat styling equipment when the wig is directly on your head, so don’t do that. Instead, use hairpins to secure your wig to a rubber or doll’s head. This will enable styling it faster and more conveniently. The wig holder keeps the wig tight when styling and lets you see the style from all angles. 

Continue blow-drying your human hair using a rounded brush when it’s roughly dried. The wand will help you regulate your styling and help arrange your wig neatly. When your hair is dehydrated, you can curl it.

Use a straightener to flatten the wig, beginning around one inch from the bottom. It is made simpler by adding bobby pins or ribbons to divide the hair into smaller portions. Concentrate on the front parts because they will define your face, but don’t overheat your hair. Apply hairspray to complete the look.

3. You can curl your human hair wig:

To twist your hair:

  • Divide it into portions and roll a piece around your curling brush for about 9–13 seconds.
  • Make sure you don’t overheat your wig.
  • Leave the wavy curls to cool slightly in your hands. The rings will stay in place if you do this.
  • Curl all of the hair in each part.
  • Apply hairspray to complete the look. 


You can use these heat style instructions on your wig daily, but be sure to use moisturizers and a spray that protects the heat first to keep the hair moisturized and preserved. Always try to clean your human hair wig after you’ve worn it at least eight times or once a week after daily use.

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