Pointers On Choosing The Perfect Wig Style For The Shape Of Your Face

by Kristen

The shape of your face determines how a wig style or haircut looks on you. Though everyone has a unique face shape, most shape faces will closely resemble one of the common basic shapes. If you want to determine the shape of your face, you should first pull hair away from your face. Look at the mirror, identify your widest section, and then look at your chin to see its shape. Below are the most common face shapes with their features and the ginger wig styles that match each shape.

1. Oblong

Oblong face shapes feature a long, narrow bone structure and a long, thin neck. If that is your face shape, you need to choose a wig style that will make your face look oval. You can go for a wig with soft curls or waves to make your sides seem full and increase your width. What’s more, a wig with a fringe across your forehead will reduce the appearance of your long face. Do not go for sort-layered styles with added volume at the crown of the head.

2. Pear

The face shape is characterized by a small forehead and a large jawline. Wig styles look perfect on pear-shaped faces should add volume from your head’s crown to the eyes. Styles with full layers will draw attention away from your mid-face. In addition, classic styles will look amazing since you can bring hair close to your head’s sides and nape.

3. Heart

Ladies with heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. You can comb hair to the forehead and add volume to your chin to disguise your forehead’s width. Choose wigs with subtle layers and avoid those with short, choppy layers of hair.

4. Diamond

The face features a narrow forehead, a narrow chin, and wider cheekbones. The best wig styles for diamond-shaped faces should add fullness at the chin and reduce width on the cheekbones. Some of the styles that work well for this shape are bob hairstyles and wigs with fringes to cover the forehead. If you want to ensure a flattering look, avoid volume at your sides and height on top.

5. Square

People with this shape have a wide jaw and a wide hairline. You need to get wigs that increase your face’s length. Remove hair from your forehead when styling your wig so that you add height to your face. Additionally, you can try mid-length and long curly wigs. Styles that allow wisps of hair on your face will cover the straight lines of your face shape. Your preferred wig style should also be soft to minimize the bluntness of your face’s angles. You should avoid styles with one length.

6. Round

Round faces have wide hairlines and full cheekbones. Some people may also have short necks. These face shapes will look wonderful with a linear style and wig styles that add the appearance of height. To make your cheeks seem narrow, you can get long wigs with wispy sides. Avoid hairstyles that add width to your face


You need to factor in your face shape if you want to find the right wig style. It will ensure that the wig you settle for looks good on your and brings out your best features.

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