Important Things You Should Know About Closure Wigs?

by Kristen

A closure wig is a piece of hair attachment. Some people argue that closures are not wigs because they close a weave and are not worn on the entire head. This means that you need another hairpiece, like a weave and a closure, to provide the illusion of a natural hairline. However, some people still argue that closures are a type of wig, hence the name “closure wig.” They are also referred to as wigs because they contain hair strands sewn on a base material known as lace. Regardless, closure wigs are very trendy among women and fashionistas from different parts of the world. In this post, we discuss closure wig basics and why people wear them.

How are closure wigs installed?

Closure wigs can be installed in the following ways:

  • Sewing– this is where you sew the wig on a woven net or lace on your head. The closure wig is not sewn directly on your head.
  • Glue– you can also use hair glue to install the wig. In this case, the type of glue used is specifically designed for hair. This is the best installation method for creating a seamless and natural look.
  • Taping– here, you use hair tape to install the closure wig.

Why do people need a closure wig?

Anyone can wear a closure wig. However, the motivation for wearing the product may differ from one user to the next. Below are reasons why different people wear closure wigs;

1. Protecting natural hairline

A popular reason why women wear closures is to protect their natural hairline. People have different types of hair. Sadly, for many people, their hairs tend to be light and quite prone to damage. For such people, applying pressure, chemicals, or heat to the hairline can result in breakage and other severe damages. For this reason, when such women get weaves sewn on their heads, they leave out the front part. Note that sewing weaves causes a lot of pulling and tagging of the hair. Therefore, some people may choose to spare their hairline and use closures instead.

2. Creating a natural look

People have various types of hair textures. From straight to curly and wavy hairs, there are numerous forms of natural hair. Therefore, when you see someone’s hair, you may not be able to tell instantly if it is natural or not. This is especially the case if someone is wearing a semi-human or synthetic wig.

However, when someone looks at the front of your hair, they can tell if you are wearing a weave. This is where closures come in. Closures are usually installed at the front as a closure for a wig. They create a seamless and effortlessly natural look. The lace material is usually designed to blend well with your scalp so no one can tell if you are wearing a weave.


Some people wear closures to hide their already damaged hairlines or thinning hair. Regardless of the motivation, closure wigs have become a lifesaver for many women, and the good thing is that the market features options for closure wigs.

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