Choosing the right lock for the storage unit

by Kristen

Rented a self-storage space? but do not know how to keep it secure? Don’t worry in this article we will discuss all types of locks and which ones will suit you best. A disc lock for storage unit is most popular among other locks.

Whatever reasons you have for owning a storage unit its security is the utmost priority as no one wants to keep their belongings somewhere where there is a chance of them getting stolen. Similarly choosing the right lock is important as you don’t want intruders to be breaking into your storage unit by opening the locks.

Difference between padlock and disk lock

The price is not the only thing that you need to see before purchasing a lock. Depending on what you are storing the cheap option is not worth taking the risk. Following are the three types of locks that are mostly used in storage units.

· Disk lock

A disk lock is shaped like a disk. It contains a short and round shackle at its top. The shackle is attached to the lock’s body. Disk locks are introduced in the modern era and have replaced padlocks. Some of the disk locks come with number dials as well just like padlocks the key is entered into the number dial and it will open the shackle.

· Padlock

A padlock is a lock that has a shackle at the top of its body and it is usually ‘U’ shaped. Also contains a number dial at the bottom of the lock. By entering the passcode to the lock the shackle opens. These types of locks are thousands of years old and have been going on for centuries.

Major differences between padlock and disk lock

Both padlock and disk locks are a great option for you to keep away from thieves but disk locks come with additional features. Padlocks are the traditional design of locks whereas disk locks are more modern and made according to the latest technology.

The design of the disk lock is better because it consists of a built-in shackle that gives extra security. Whereas padlocks are easy to crack and can be decoded easily. Disk locks are also called closed shackle locks because of their closed shackle design whereas padlocks are called open shackle locks because of their shackles that are not found inside the lock’s body.


Both of the locks are shackle based locked but the disk locks seem to be better in terms of their design and technology. Made in the modern era they have additional features that add more security to your storage units

If you are going to purchase a lock for your storage unit then disk locks are a better option for you as they are difficult to break because of their design. Even if someone tries to break into your storage unit they will not have enough time to do so. Disk locks will help in keeping away burglars away so your belongings can be safe. And, no one can try to break in your storage unit.

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