The Difference Between Primary Custom Necklace Elements

by Kristen

Customized necklaces, like medallion or pendant necklaces, are currently very common. Their popularity is mainly because of their uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. Most customized jewelry, like medaillon mit foto, usually features engravings, medallions, amulets, or pendants. Therefore, medallions, amulets, and pendants are a prevalent part of necklaces. However, despite their popularity, there still a lot of confusion between these custom necklace elements. Most people struggle with differentiating these elements. This article will be looking at the differences between these elements.

What is an amulet?

An emulate is a common component found in pieces of jewelry. Sometimes, it can be individually categorized as a piece of jewelry. An amulet is basically a simple trinket added to a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. However, it doesn’t have to be added to other pieces. A necklace, bracelet, or ring can also act as an amulet as a whole. It is often believed to be infused with magic or charm. Most people believe that amulets are either exceptional or blessed.

For this reason, amulets are either considered to ward off certain diseases, evil, and any danger that the wearer may be vulnerable to. Therefore, most people wear amulets as a form of protection. These beliefs are often rooted in the type of material used to make the piece or the person who made them or wore them first.

What is a pendant?

A pendant is an object that usually hangs freely from another piece of jewelry. It can be an object on an earring or a chain. Most chain pendants are typically decorative. Sometimes, as mentioned in the section above, amulets can be used as pendants. Pendants can also be used as amulets if they have a significant meaning or a unique element. Lockets are an example of pendants. They usually hang on a necklace as a decoration. The locket can either have a photo, flower, or any other decoration in them.

What is a medallion?

Medallions are large medals or items that resemble medals, usually hanging on jewelry pieces, especially necklaces. The medals are generally either oval or circular, depending on the style. The term medallion is used because these pieces are usually associated with an achievement like the awards given after winning an Olympic or a match. Medallions can be worn as pieces of jewelry or pendants. They fall in the pendant category if they are hanging from other pieces of jewelry. They can be referred to as amulets in the same breath if associated with unique properties or worn as a good luck charm.

Take Away

From the information above, below are some things you should understand.

  • An amulet is usually associated with magic, special powers, luck
  • A pendant is any decorative piece that hangs from another piece of jewelry like a necklace
  • A medallion is a medal-like piece hanging from jewelry like necklaces
  • A medallion and an amulet can act as a pendant
  • A pendant and medallion can act as an amulet if they have magic or features
  • Amulets and pendants cannot act as medallions

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