The Dangers of Fake Sunglasses That You Should Be Aware Of

by Kristen

These days, there are lots of “not-so-genuine” manufacturers out there who make cheap sunglasses that do not have enough UV protection. The most tempting thing about these glasses is the price which often tends to be quite low. However, they can cause serious eye problems in the future so you should always be careful choosing aviator sunglasses for men, women, and kids.

aviator sunglasses for men

aviator sunglasses for men

You will find the cheap “knock-off” sunglasses all over the place, especially in summer. Their design mimics that of well-known brands such as Aviators, Ray-bans, and Wayfarers. The often cheap prices coupled with the imitation of the big brand names make fake sunglasses so appealing.

Whenever you go on a summer vacation, make sure that remember to pack your favorite pair. This will eliminate the need to impulse buy and minimize the risk of buying fake sunglasses. Don’t’ be so eager to go on that vacation that you end up buying a cheap pair from the vendors on the streets.

Are there any dangers?

Sunglasses are intended to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays. There is a danger of using fake sunglasses that do not provide UV protection. The UV protection helps in stopping our cornea from getting sunburns. The long-term effects of exposing our eyes to UV rays include cataracts and retinal as well as macular degeneration. The result may be the development of a rare type of cancer known as ocular melanoma.

As a matter of fact, these fake sunglasses do more harm than good. They “cheat” the eyes to “believe” that they are protected making the pupils dilate more. Once the pupils dilate, they allow more sunlight which is unfiltered. In the real sense, what the fake sunglasses do is reduce the need to squint your eyes; but the exposure to UV rays doubles.

aviator sunglasses for men

aviator sunglasses for men

Other effects of using fake sunglasses are that your eyes will feel tired and you will almost always experience migraines. Is this really how you want to feel while you’re on holiday? I don’t think so!

Most of these fake sunglasses boast of UV absorbing and UV blocking features. This is very misleading since they do not offer enough protection against UV rays.

Since ultraviolet light is not visible to the naked eye, one cannot really tell how much of it is filtered out by the glasses just by looking at them. You cannot use the shade or amount of tint on the glasses as a reliable determinant of the number of UV rays that are filtered.

How much will it cost me to get a genuine pair?

Genuine sunglasses that offer protection against UV rays do not have to cost you a fortune. You can get a pair at a reasonable price and this will serve you for a couple of years.

aviator sunglasses for men

aviator sunglasses for men

You can find genuine sunglasses in pharmacies and branded shops. Before you can make a purchase, ensure that the merchant is an authorized distributor. Always check for stickers or tags that guarantee authenticity.

Always keep in mind that a genuine pair is a valuable investment that has a ton of benefits for your eyes. Find a pair that fits you well and one that is fashionably stylish.



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