Types of Hair Extensions You Should Know

by Kristen

Nearly all women love hair extensions. That is because they help them add volume, color, and health to their hair. As a result, they ought to use various models of hair extensions. So, how can you choose the best type of hair extension? You can even buy Brazilian virgin hair bulk wholesale. The following are different types you should consider.

Human Hair Extensions

These are sourced from human hair. In this era, several scams are selling only synthetic extensions branded as real human hair. Therefore, when considering human hair extensions, you should ensure they are 100% genuine.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

These types of hair extensions are sourced from a wide range of materials. When you compare them to human hair extensions, the synthetic ones are more economical. Also, you can find them in different textures, colors, and styles.

Sew-in Extensions

These types of extensions feel and look like natural hair. This makes them perfect for people who want to try various hairstyles without waiting for the hair to grow. Therefore, women can show off different hairstyles as their hair keeps growing. Manufacturers keep improving different designs and patterns. These types of extensions are quite popular as they allow us to experiment with different styles. These are recommended for people with damaged hair.

When you use these hair extensions, you can offer your hair break to grow. In addition, these extensions are durable as compared to clip-in varieties.

Clip-in Extensions

These types of hair extensions are easier to use. Ideally, they are meant for temporary use. Therefore, they are perfect for teens to experiment with different extensions before choosing a permanent version. Ideally, the extension is quite fantastic if you need different hairstyles. If you want to try a new hairstyle quickly, this is the best option. Like other extensions, you can find both synthetic and human hair options. You will find them easier to maintain.

Tape-in Extensions

Although it is not popular like the sew-in extensions, these varieties are still used by many women. When you compare them to the clip-in versions, they are lightweight, reusable, and easy to maintain. By looking at user reviews and feedback online, you can easily understand why they are widely used. Ideally, they are perfect for women who like spending their time outdoors.

Pre-Bonded Extensions

These types of extensions can be fused to the natural hair with the use of adhesives. Also, they are quite popular because of their ability to provide a natural feel and look. However, they need a lot of maintenance. When you put on these extensions, you need to be careful when using conditions, heat styling equipment, and oils. That is because if they are not used as required, they can loosen or damage the bond.

Micro Link Extensions

These types of hair extensions are quite popular among women because of their ability to match with natural hair. Since these extensions do not need heat, they can minimize damage. They let you attain a natural appearance without causing damage. However, they are quite difficult to remove and add. Also, they can occasionally slip, and you will need to move them back.

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