Factors To Consider When Choosing Lashes To Wear

by Kristen
eye lashes

eye lashes

The beauty industry keeps growing day after day. It all started with basic products like lipstick and eyeliner, and now the market is full of products we didn’t even know we needed. One of the products that have become popular among all women is the fake lashes, also referred to as eyelash extensions. Today, there are several brands of eyelash extensions whose products differ in length, diameter, and curl type. 25MM mink lashes are one of the most popular brands in the market. In this extract, we will be discussing the basic features of fake lashes and how to choose the best ones.

Features to consider when choosing the best fake eyelashes to wear

  • The Diameter

The first thing you need to think about when choosing the best lashes is the diameter. The diameter is the most crucial feature of the lashes as it influences the general appearance of the lashes. When selecting the most appropriate diameter, consider the diameter of your natural lashes. The goal is to match the diameter of your natural lashes. However, a few situations may force you to choose lashes that are a bit thicker than your natural ones. It all depends on you and what look you want to achieve.

  • The Length

It is also crucial that you consider the length of the lashes. It is always wise to choose a length that is slightly more than that of your natural lashes. However, this all depends on the look you want to achieve. If you are looking to get a subtle look, consider slightly long lashes. However, for a fuller look, longer ones will do the trick. Shorter lashes that are much closer to the length of your natural lashes will give you a darker appearance. You can always do different lengths for varying occasions.

  • Curl

The curl nature is also an important feature. Note, there are five types of curls for eyelashes, with the first type being J curl. This type closely resembles the curl appearance of most natural lashes. The other one if the B curl, which also gives a supernatural appearance and is commonly applied on the eye’s inner corners to keep the lashes from hitting the nose. Then there is the C curl, which is commonly used because of its noticeable but not drastic appearance. The fourth type if the D curl. This one is quite dramatic; hence is the least common of all types of lash curls. Finally is the L curl, which resembles the letter L closely.

When choosing the best curl, you first need to know the different types of curls in the market. Once you are conversant with how each curl looks, you can choose the most appropriate one also depending on the look you want. Consider the shape of your natural curls when choosing the best one.


Lash extensions help your eyes look bigger, and your natural lashes look fuller. They also help you achieve different styles depending on the length and diameter. It is, however, always wise to choose a brand that is as close to natural as possible.


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