Jewelry Repair:To Restore Your Favorite Rings

by Kristen

Not many people know that jewelry repair is part and parcel of owning jewelry. Jewelry repair is one of those things that should come naturally to the owner of a piece of jewelry. A good example of this is where a ring is too small or big for the owner and therefore needs fixing or adjustment in a jeweler’s parlance in order to properly fit. If a clasp on a bracelet or chain stops working, it needs to be fixed or replaced for the piece of jewelry to be worn properly. If an earring keeps falling off, it probably needs to a new stopper or the existing one needs to be fixed. These are just a few many examples where people need jewelry repair services.

The fact of the matter is that any issue that prevents the owner of a piece of jewelry from wearing it without worrying probably falls under the wide category of jewelry repair. Indeed, the category is quite wide as most man-made ornaments are not perfect. They are characterized by various faults and imperfections. All of these needs to be fixed by highly trained and experienced professionals.

Most people out there today work under the impression that if something is not broken, it does not need fixing. But, this notion is actually a misconception when it comes to jewelry. Failure to perform necessary repairs and adjustments to your pieces can be disastrous and extremely costly. Many people have lost thousands and even millions of dollars when their expensive rings, necklaces and bracelets become obsolete. Apart from monetary loss, there is also the loss of sentimental value that most jewelry pieces hold. People are often left broken-hearted and in tears after losing their most prized pieces. Most lost or misplaced jewelry pieces actually end up in one of the most unexpected places – on the beach. That’s why you will never fail to see an old man walking around on the beach with a metal detector looking for valuable treasure.

Talking matters jewelry repair, there is a common saying that is used to urge proper care and maintenance of jewelry pieces. The saying goes like this, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. What does this saying really mean? Well, any professional jeweler will tell you that countless people have to replace lost emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond and other precious gemstones because they did not make the necessary effort or take time or even give any thought to taking care or maintaining their most prized possessions. It is quite obvious that the prongs that have held your valuable stone in place for the longest time will one day become thin and worn out and eventually break off. In just a few short seconds, your most valuable rock or stone can be washed down the drain or lost forever, never to be found again. The consequences of this is a huge loss of hundreds and thousands of dollars. This loss could have been easily avoided if you took the time to have your jewelry inspected by a professional jewelry repair in Dayton. The cost of repair is by all means negligible when compared  to the cost of replacing your valuable piece of jewelry or the pain of having to explain to your grandma that her precious diamond ring is lost forever.

Since time immemorial, jewelers have been endeared craftsmen who have had to make all their products and tools from scratch. They are known to be very patient and dedicated to their work. Making any piece of jewelry involves a painstaking process that spans days and weeks. The ring you wear on your finger has to be carefully and meticulously crafted to ensure its shape, size and appearance are just right. Ancient ornaments are the true testaments of the sheer opulence and attention to detail that goes into the making of magnificent pieces of jewelry like rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. You would be surprised to know that some pieces even take more than a year to make. The owners of such valuable and rare pieces pray everyday that they never need to be repaired. Most ordinary people long to own such splendid works of art.

So, if you are lucky to own or be in possession of a wonderful piece of jewelry, it is your responsibility to take good care of it. We have been given the gift of jewelry and we have the duty to celebrate this gift as well as maintain it. Jewelry pieces punctuate most occasions in our modern world. Nowadays, fancy pieces of jewelry are not just worn on big occasions. Most people today wear their favorite rings and bracelets day in and day out. The vast majority of jewelry pieces in the market are made from precious metals such as silver and gold as opposed to other metals such as copper and stainless steel. Because of this, most pieces need to be regularly inspected, cleaned and properly maintained so that their owners can confidently wear them without any fear or worry of losing their most prized possessions.

But, in real sense, not many people are willing to dedicate some time and effort to getting their favorite rings and bracelets repairs. Most people are just too busy or not willing to wait for very long. Luckily, technology has made this easier and faster when it comes to jewelry repair. New repair techniques have been made possible through cutting edge technology. Jewelers can today perform repairs faster and more efficiently than ever before. In turn, consumers do not have to wait for too long to have their favorite pieces fixed. Also, the cost of jewelry repair has gone down significantly in recent years due to this much needed changes in the industry.

Repairing or restoring your favorite rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings has never been easier.  All in all, prevention is better than cure when dealing with your most precious ornaments. Whether its a recent expensive ring you purchased recently or a family heirloom that passed down through generations, proper care and maintenance is crucial to its durability.

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