4 Different Approaches You Can Use For Selling a Diamond

by Kristen

We can talked all day about the eternals values that diamonds representing and symbolize. However, we must all admit that even diamond cannot existing forever.

Although most of us associated them with engagements and passing them on as jewelry to family traditions, in some cases you willing want to selling your diamonds.

For example, in some cases, your financial situation would forced you to do so. Or unfortunately, a relationships somehow get worse, and getting rid of things that might turn back the past may be your priority.

Now, it’s easy to bought a piece of jewelry. You just walk into any jewelry store and bought it on the spot. When you try to get rid of it, the opposites is true. Let’s take a look at some important tip that you can use to help you sold unwanted diamond jewelry.

Providing Grade Certificates for Well-known Laboratories

Diamonds are business. If you are sell diamonds, I can guaranteeing that you willing be asked to providing certification and certifications of diamond quality. The best and easiest way to build a basic trust is to rate it through authoritative Gemological laboratories, such as the GIA Institute of Gemology in the United States.

Certificates provided by these institution usually contain information about the precise weight, cutting quality, sharpness and color of stone. Since the ratings are perform by a more neutral third party, any prejudices on both sides are eliminated.

In addition, you may also needing to considering having local evaluators performs the evaluation. Once your diamonds are evaluated, it is easier for you to understood the valued of jewelry in the current market conditions.

This would helped you to proposes and analyzed transactions, so as to bettered understood the value. To measures the valuing of diamonds more accurately, you can also compares it with a price list call the Rapporter Report, which jewellers use as a benchmark price.

In short, Rapaport pricing is a typical “high cash price” use by diamond buyers and sellers when trading. Some retailers also used this listed as a reference to price their goods at retail stores.

Since Rapaport prices are calculate on the basis of currents market conditions for diamonds of specific types and grades, the ratios of Rapaport valuing to your diamond pricing allow you to understand the efficiency of the transaction.

Approach a jeweler and bring in your used jewelry

In addition to buying from dealers, some jeweller can also buys second-hand jewelry more directly from individuals. When do business with this jewelers, you must be prepare to understood the valuing of your diamonds, preferably a GIA certificate.

You see, these jewellers are businessmen, and like you, they want to get the most out of the deal. Usually, they would buy your jewelry for less than the dumped price.

Now, the dumping priced is about 40% of the values of any diamond Rapport. In my opinion, when you try to sold to a jeweler, it’s a value you shouldn’t underestimate. According to my personal experience, most jewellers more often start at low prices and gradually go up as the negotiations go on. First, they maying offer a price below the dumping price to reduces your valued and maximizes their profits.

liked other negotiations, it is wise never to agree to the original offer. You need some negotiation skills to determining the priced applicable to both parties. The facts is, if you sells your diamonds to them at a dumping price, they can more easily sell them again overnights at a dumped price.

When a jeweler offers a pricing that is significantly lowered than 40% of Rapporter’s value, be confident and continue to bargained until he agree to a price close to the ideals priced of 60% – 70%.

Selling diamond by oneself

Turn your old jewelry into cash. If you are willing to spent some time and experience do DIY transactions, you might considers looking for potentials buyers. Generally speaking, there are many way to sell different properties, most of which can also be applied to gems and jewelry.

You mays want to use more famous forums, such as Craigslist, or contact friend and acquaintances to saw if they are interested. In addition, you can puts classified ads in locals newspapers, or try to log in item on eBay.

Please note that your chances of sell and finding potential buyers are much lowers (and more risky) because what we are discuss is the large amount of money involved.

Give your diamonds to the locals jeweler

It is often more difficult to sold diamond alone than to work with jewelers. The recommend way to sold unwanted jewellery is to consigned it to a local jeweler. This mean that the jeweler willed puts your item in their stocks and try to sells your jewelry on your behalf.

If a successful sales occurs, the jeweler will cut it out of the sale. For consignments sales, the speed of diamonds sales actually depends on two factors: the daily turnover of stores and the demand for specific types of jewelry.

I personally prefers this methods because it can saved you a lot of troubles and potentials headaches. You see, unless you had experience in screen potential buyer on Craigslist and eBay, you’re more likely to take advantage of the reputations of physical stores. The key to success in this way is to finds a reliable jeweler to cooperate with.

In addition, consignment jewelry usually gets better returns, and jewellers don’t get paid until they sell diamonds. This is a win-win situation for every parties involved, especially if you had a diamond of good quality.

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