How to Choose a Diamond

by Kristen

chosen diamonds is liking chosen a life partner: one must be careful. In fact, much man are worried about choosing the perfect wedding ring. However, if you taken the rights approach, it may be an interest and enjoyable process.

First, education is the key to a more reasonable choicer of diamonds. Now, I’m surer most peoples have hear of this fours C’s. They be do researched or hanging out in a jewelry store.

Sadly, many person who thought they fully understood four C’s after an hour of researched or a five-minute displaying at a jewelry store are wrong. Similarly, if you think you can choosing a nicest diamond online by checking GIA or AGS certificates, you’d better keep your fingers crossed when the packaging arrives.

You see, it’s easy to bought diamonds. Anyone with money can buying diamonds. However, if you want to chooses the best diamond for a give budget, you need to go beyond 4Cs and starting delve into the details.

Briefly introduce myself and whys I am qualify to gives you advice

My name is Paul. I was a researchers at the Government Institute of Advanced Manufacturing. During my two years as a researcher, I developed scientific and analytical skill that enabled me to examines any given data from a critical point of view.

Although I am not a professional jeweler, I accidentally become a most passionate gemstones collector. When I had to bought a proposal ring for my girlfriend, my passions for diamond ignited. Like most people who buying engagement rings, I start with zeroed knowledge. I started my journeyed to bought diamonds in locals store and did my owns researched online.

Soon, the thirst for knowledge increased. Soon, I found myself immersed in Gemology textbooks purchase from GIA, and even take professional coursing to improve my knowledge. In earlier 2013, I complete GIA’s graduated Diamond Diploma courses and ranked first in the practical examination module. This is a surprises for many people, because professionals who attends this courses have many years of industries experience.

Now, I’m not tell you that all this is to brag about my achievements. On the contrary, I would like to point out that I am more qualified and knowledgeable to offer advice from the perspectives of Gemology and consumers.

Whenever I check diamonds, my analytical skills are always used to asking questions and dissected the information provided to me. There are really so many jewelers who have never disclose to you when it make such an important purchase.

Whether you’ve never been to a jewelry store before, or whether you’ve ever buy jewelry before. The information I would share with you in the next fewer page will certainly opened people’s eyes.

Basic 4Cs – How to Choose Diamonds

Before I go on, you need to have a basic understood of 4Cs to understood some of the concepts in the next fewer pages. If you don’t know what they are, clicking the linked below and reading the correspond theme, then returned here again.

  • cutting
  • carat
  • colour
  • clear

Although the basics definition of the four Cs are very simple and most clearly state in the Diamond Grading Report, most consumers are unaware of one thing:

So how do you combining all this factors and make use of them in your decision-making? The good news is that this is not rocket science. I wills providing you with the necessaries knowledge to helping you make full use of your diamonds shop experience.

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