6 Sure Ways of Buying Custom Necklace

by Kristen

Though many women love jewellery, the versatility of what most women wear make it difficult for someone to know what they truly like. For this reason, purchasing a custom necklace for your girlfriend or wife becomes challenging. Below are ways you can invest and buy a personalised necklace for your loved one that they will truly like.

  • Consider The Type Of Custom Necklace She Fancies

Unlike buying a personalized necklace for him, buying a necklace for a woman in your life is problematic because of the various types of necklaces available. Ideally, some of the types including pearl necklace, statement necklaces, stringy necklaces, mid-length necklaces, layered, pendant, and the likes. Before purchasing, consider and narrow down the type of necklace that she might like.

  • Consider The Occasion You Plan To Gift The Custom Necklace

Every occasion has an underlying statement theme that dictates what to wear. The same rules apply when you are considering the type of necklace to gift her. You cannot gift a chunky multi-colored necklace in a classy occasion; just the same way you cannot gift a personalized picture necklace in a pop party. Decide the event whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, memorial or just a regular everyday gift and let the theme of occasion guide you.

  • Her Style And Preference In Regards To Custom Necklace

Before settling on a personalized necklace for her, take her taste and preference for consideration. Does she like statement necklaces or does she prefer a more minimalistic approach to jewellery? Choosing a gift that is sure to tickle her fancy will enable you to choose something that she can wear. For you to do this, pay attention to the jewellery, bracelet, rings, and necklaces that she wears.

  • Custom Necklace Trends In The Market 
adorable custom necklace

Sometime, you might try observing, mimicking and outrightly guessing and still be unsure of what to pick. When this happens, don’t fret and instead decide to select a custom necklace trend that is currently in the market. Doing so allows you to choose a gift that provides her an opportunity to show off her fashion sense.

  • Know Her Custom Necklace Collection

When dating a woman, you will probably see her on various occasions. Take advantage of this opportunity and make a note of the kind of personalised jewellery she already has. The worst mistake you can do is buying her the same necklace as one that she already has. Though she will appreciate the effort, she will take note of your ignorance, and this reflects negatively on you.

  • Buy her a custom necklace that offers versatility

Finally, less is more when it comes to buying personalised necklaces for the woman in your life. Though you might be tempted to make a statement by purchasing a large chunky necklace that is sure to stand out, refrain from doing so and opt for an understated one. Though beautiful, statement necklaces have limited use. Instead, choose something that she can pair with her everyday outfits for frequent use. Something that can fit a varied use.


Overall, avoid going cheap when purchasing a custom necklace. Not only does it irritate the skin, but cheap jewellery leaves marks on the surface and tends to break after a few days of wear hence reflect poorly on you. Overall, buy a high-quality personalised necklace and stick close to what she already owns to buy a necklace that will be genuinely appreciated.

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