Pro tips on How to Choose the Right Weave in Minutes

by Kristen

With the COVID 19 scenario, online shopping has taken the market recently hitting high numbers on the globe. Whether you are a beginner or an expert you might want to buy human hair bundles online. Choosing the right closure might be quite a tricky and hectic thing to do.

 The lace frontal and the lace closure human hair bundles tend to confuse a lot of people as the differences are very shallow. This article will elaborate on all facts about the lace frontals and the lace closure and the differences between the two.

The Lace Frontal and Lace Closure Roles

Both human hair bundles have the same role. You can use either of them to close a weave install to create a hairline that looks very natural.

Differences in the Sizes

A lace frontal is arguably large or bigger as compared to a lace closure. It is very necessary for every hair weave that you will purchase you must get at least a lace frontal or lace closure. The approximation of the lace frontal and the ones of a lace closure show a big difference in the size between the two. The lace frontal measure about 4X4 inches whiles the lace closure is approximately 13X4 inches. The lace closure covers a large portion of your head as compared to a lace frontal.

The Parting ability

It is easy to part a lace frontal as compared to a lace closure. The parting ability gives your weave integration a natural look. It therefore advisable to use a lace frontal as compared to a lace closure. Lace closure will give a smaller range for parting hence limiting your parting capabilities. However it is worthwhile to learn the tricks of parting the lace closure for instance placing the closure roughly at the center of your parts. Lace closures are only best for side parts.

Hairline and Edges

The hairlines and edges bring an enormous and real difference. You can only get about four inches of span for your hairline to look natural. The lace frontal on the other hand gives the best ear-to-ear hairline that looks very natural. It is therefore best if you can go for a lace front if you prefer various styles that might need full coverage of the hairlines.


When choosing the right option for your weave there are a number of facts that you need to consider. The affordability is of the essence. It is however best if you go for the type of closure that satisfies your needs. There are plenty of options that you can choose from online stores. The easy and ability of changing styles is key when choosing the type of lace closure or frontal.

You should do enough research from previous users through the review and comment section of any product that you are about to purchase. However it is worth noting that everybody has got their own taste that is different another one’s taste. Go for what you feel you are comfortable and stylistic with. Remember beauty remains in the beholder’s eyes.

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