Packaging for fake nails

by Kristen

Due to my inability to locate something attractive enough and the fact that I had never shipped anything before, I was nearly prevented from launching. This situation worries me since I always worry that I will do something incorrectly. Therefore, when I started, I showed the press on strips of a paper bag attached to nails in a line. I simply used putty for adherence since I did not want the tape to be visible. Then I had to cut out each individual piece of instructions I printed on my printer, which took a lot of work. I received feedback that the putty was difficult to remove off the press on nails and had become rather gooey after I sent the press on nails out.

Therefore, I had to think of an alternative means to transmit them in a hurry before the next launch two weeks later. While I thought it was adorable how many people displayed their press-on nails in little necklace jewelry boxes, I was not sure how I would fit my strip of press on nails, my large manicure kit, and instructions within that tiny box without it overflowing. Okay, so you are aware of the excellent pr packages that all of those influencers get from hair companies, beauty firms, etc.? Then, upon making a purchase, you realize, oh, I suppose those unique, adorable packaging aren’t for us.

Because that is what we deserve, I wanted to create something incredibly adorable and special that everyone could open and feel like they received a press on nail boxes. However, since I’m always up for a challenge, I also wanted the press on nails package to be as environmentally friendly and waste-free as possible. A mood board is so cute and exciting, and I believe that if people saw their press on nails in the center of one, it would bring the excitement level vibe up a million levels. A mood board is so adorable and amazing. So here we are. Then I realized I could even decorate a shelf with a tiny open slot to display just five press on nails, and go from there to see how to finish up the rest of the packaging.

Nail Boxes For The Press

When I was looking for the boxes to display the press on nails, I found them on Alibaba. They are made from recycled material and are the perfect size for my cards and press-on nails.

Shipping Of Press On Nails

I will show you how I am mailing it now that I have my adorable pr package for everyone. I purchased some personalized biodegradable envelopes and tissue paper. Therefore, because the mailer is rather thin and I want my boxes to be somewhat protected without the use of bubble wrap or other materials, I am folding my tissue paper into bigger pouch-like bags and packing it with shredded paper. Get a paper shredder and shred old magazines, bags, newspapers, and other items. Before you know it, you will have secured your box, upcycled all the paper lying about your home, and saved tons of money on stuffing.

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