5 different kinds of styles for fashion women

by Kristen

Clothes do more than just cover your body. They help you express yourself, enhance your beauty, and determines how others see you. They are also a form of communication without words as people can tell your mood, interests, or style by looking at your dressing. Numerous companies like Shewin sell clothes online either for men or women only or for both genders. Shewin deals with women’s clothing in different sizes and styles to fit all kinds of women. The brand has multiple good reviews that you can check out here https://www.shewin.com/. In this extract, we highlight the different clothing fashion styles.

Different kinds of fashion styles

Clothing styles are what attract you most to a particular store. Some stores have multiple styles, while some focus on one or two styles. It’s good to identify your fashion style for easy shopping and selection of stores. The fashion styles are;

1. Trendy style

The trendy style is constantly evolving with time. Clothes that were in fashion five years ago are not there now as new designs have emerged. Also, one thing about fashion trends is that they go full circle. A trend may seem forgotten for years and suddenly comes out again. This fashion style requires you to be up to date and buy clothes depending on the season or occasion. Though bold and daring, maintaining the trendy style is expensive since you have to keep buying new clothes to keep up.

2. Bohemian style

The style is mainly made up of earthy, brown, or neutral colors. The clothing is also flowy, hippie, layered, or has fabrics emanating from a common seam. Such clothes are made from natural materials like hemp, cotton, silk, and denim. This style is tricky and not suitable for everyone to rock. People who feel comfortable in this fashion style are often free-spirited and tend to have encountered some bohemian influences. However, it’s eye-catching but ensure to accessorize it with prints or unique jewelry to avoid dullness.

3. Vintage style

This style is often traced to some decades back. It represents a past era, but the clothes have a touch of class and style despite being vintage. When choosing vintage clothes, focus on the trends that existed back then, like pleated skirts, wide-legged pants, circular skirts, and pinups

4. Artsy style

This style is often embraced by those with a creative side in them. People who love trying out styles and can wear unconventional clothes fall under this category. Unconventional clothing is clothes you wouldn’t see most people wearing. Artsy people go for colorful, bold clothes and even match prints that you wouldn’t think of wearing in normal circumstances. They express themselves freely and follow no fashion rules.

5. Feminine style

Clothes that fall under this category have bows, flowers, pastel colors, and much more. Also, they emulate specific shapes like the A-line dresses that flatter your body. Jeans can also bring out your feminine look if worn with a softer look at the top.

Bottom Line

The styles above will help you find what clothing style you prefer and make the shopping process quick and easy. Identifying a store with your fashion style is much better than randomly checking out any store unless you are comfortable with multiple styles. Also, just because you like a style, it doesn’t limit you from trying others. Experiment with various clothes, and you may end up loving the looks and buy from several clothing stores.

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