Five tips for identifying fake and original jewelry

by Kristen

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell fake jewelry from real ones, and everyone at some point in their life has had doubts about a piece of jewelry they were about to buy. Whether it’s a pure silver chain, gold earrings, or any other high-quality jewelry you want to get, there are simple signs you can use to spot fakes.

Even though an accessory or jewelry looks so authentic and is shiny, it could be fake. You may not be able to tell by physical examination alone. To protect yourself from spending unnecessarily on counterfeit items, here are some ways you can tell if the jewelry is fake.

  1. The price is meager

If the price is ridiculously low for the quality of what you’re buying, you can tell it’s fake. Although this could seem like a way to save money, in actual sense, you’ll be spending so much. This is because that piece of jewelry will fade, and you have to keep getting a new one. If the price is too good to be true, then there’s something fishy going on. However, if you can’t afford authentic jewelry, you could go for the cheaper fakes.

  1. Unusual or missing hallmarks

Authentic jewelry usually has inscriptions on it to tell if it’s fake or not. Look carefully at a piece that has been claimed to be original. If you can’t see any markings or you can see unusual markings on the price of jewelry, that’s a pointer. Don’t be persuaded to spend that much money. To know what hallmarks are present in original jewelry, you may need to find out so you know what you’re looking out for.

  1. Magnetic jewelry

When next you want to go jewelry shopping, take a magnet with you. The fakest jewelry comprises metal or alloys(a combination of different metals), usually containing iron. Therefore, if you place a magnet close to fake jewelry, there should be an attraction. Authentic jewelry, e.g., gold or silver, are not magnetic materials. Most fakes are usually coated with colors of gold or silver.

  1. Odd coloring

Some pieces of jewelry may look odd with a touch of black color in them. This is primarily a feature of fake jewelry. If it is hard to tell the fake from the real ones. The color can tell you all you need to know. Jewelry that has off colors or leaves a mark may be fake.

  1. Apparent poor quality

Suppose you’re about to purchase jewelry, and you notice something off in the stone arrangement or pinched links in the setting of stones. In that case, it’s most likely it’s of poor quality. This means it’s fake, and it’s not advisable to purchase these. You can make use of a magnifier to further examine the item for its authenticity.


Although it could be hard to tell a fake from authentic jewelry, the above five tips would be helpful to prevent you from being tricked in the market. Nobody wants to lose money over a fake item. Use this information when next you go shopping.

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