10 Facts About Eyelash Lifts

by Kristen
beautiful eyes with long eyelash

if you have tried different treatment options for your lashes but nothing seems to be working, then it’s about time you thought about getting an eyelash lift. This procedure will leave your natural lashes with curls, volume, and length without the fuss of falsies, glue, extensions, and self-application. Eyelash lifts ensure that your natural eyelashes stay damage-free while looking pretty for weeks.

beautiful eyes with long eyelash

10 facts you need to learn about eyelash lifts

in this part of the article, we’ll give you a list of ten interesting facts that you need to learn about eyelash lifts.

  1. An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent perm for your eyelashes

Remember those old’ school perms from the 1900s? This beauty trend uses a chemical solution to perm your natural eyelashes and shapes them. After, they curl upwards and still look realistic.

  1. There’s no preparation that’s required

The technicians can work on different types of eyelashes so one doesn’t need to prep. however if you want a dramatic effect, it’s advisable that you first enhance your natural lashes using eyelash serum.

  1. They end results are customizable to your liking

Before the lash technician starts working on you, he/she will ask you questions about how exactly you would want the final look. Depending on what your goal is, the technician will pick a curl size that also goes well with the shape of your eye.

  1. The lashes are glued to a silicone pad

There’s a silicone pad that is attached to your upper eyelid after the lashes have been cleansed and separated. Your natural eyelashes are then combed upwards so that they can take their shape which looks realistic.

The perming chemical is a solution that has been tested and proven to be safe for use around the eyes. It softens your lashes so that they become moldable and can easily adapt to the desired shape.

  1. The perming chemical stays on for about 10 minutes

Depending on your hair type, the perming solution will be left on your eyelashes for a period of between 6 to 12 minutes. If the solution is not left for long enough, the lashes will not be able to hold the curls.

After the perming solution is cleaned, a setting solution is applied alongside oil. The setting solution makes the eyelashes hard again so that the shapes stay locked.

  1. The procedure lasts for about one hour

There are three steps involved and each takes approximately 10 minutes. This means that the whole process takes about one hour from the beginning to the end.

  1. The lash lift will last for about 2 months

It’s recommended that you get the lashes redone from six to eight weeks. During this period, expect that the eyelashes that had previously been lifted will shed naturally and straight ones will grow. How long the lift lash lasts depends on a person’s lash cycle.

  1. The procedure costs anywhere between $70 and $100 for a session

The cost for the procedure ranges between $70 and $100 depending on where you get the lashes done and depending on the expertise of the lash technician.

  1. You can wear mascara over the lash lift

Since everything is done on your natural eyelashes, it’s okay for you to continue using whichever makeup that you would like. But you have to wait for at least 24hours after getting the eyelash lift before you can start using these other products. The first 24hours is very crucial if you want the curls to last. Generally, the lash lifts are very low-maintenance; just keep the lashes moisturized and conditioned so that they’ll last longer.

  1. You can also opt for a tint

You can get a tint if you don’t plan on using mascara every day. What’s more, is that adding the tint adds extra depth and darkness.



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