e.l.f Powder Brush

by Kristen

Just before I finally bought the Real Techniques Core Collection (post here with link to cheap seller) I got this. I’m not big on foundation with a brush but both this and the RT buffing blush I do like, they’re not too stiff (like the Sigma HD ones) but they’re not too flexible (like a duo fibre) they’re the baby bear’s porridge of brushes.. just right!


I mention the RT because I know not everyone loves to buy online and they’re available in Boots and Superdrug but if you’re just looking to add one brush to your additional set however the e.l.f is cheaper and if you wait until one of their MANY 50% off/free shipping/etc you’ll get an even better deal – check out their offers page here.

Although the brush is designed as a ‘powder brush’ I love it for buffing liquid/cream foundation into my skin, it would be good with mineral foundation but I wouldn’t choose to use it for my setting powder. Like I said I just got this not so long ago but I did have it AGES ago and lost it.. I found this ‘Rave-view’ I did 2 years ago I thought you might like.. I sound so funny, I have really neautralised my Northern accent in more recent videos and don’t realise how much until I go back to the old ones..

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