Guide to Matching Satin Lipstick for Every Occasion

by Kristen

As you know, there are specific rules that dictate the lipstick type to suit each of your situations. Remember that trends change, and the personal style and makeup you choose will impact your choice of satin lipstick. Fortunately, these are tips to help you choose the best lipstick that suits your occasion. However, this does not mean you cannot break the rules and be creative.

Casual Day

A casual day is a perfect time for keeping things easy and simple. However, you can also try to be creative and experimental. If you want lipsticks that are quick to apply, you should consider balm-esque lipsticks. Ensure you get a natural formula that can match the color of the lips. Also, you can go for one that is cool and warm, depending on the skin tone.

If unusual or fun lipstick colors tempt you, casual situations provide a perfect opportunity to experiment with a few things. It is time you break the teal and try to experiment with a new texture.

Professional Environment

If you are in a business or work environment, there is a need to keep things a bit conservative. In this case, matte and satin textures are simply the best as they are considered to be classy and elegant options. You can even break out the natural berry shade that appears like your lip color. Moreover, you should avoid satin lipsticks that are likely to fade easily and need re-application.

If you need a nude lipstick, then ensure it is darker than the skin tone. A nude matching the skin tone is the perfect fit for a person with a fair skin tone. Consider lipstick colors such as fuchsia, hot pink, and bright red. Even muted versions like mauve, cool, and brick red can work.

Nights Out

Maybe you are planning to go out dancing, to a concert, party, or bar with your friends. In such a case, you have the freedom to experiment with different lipsticks. If the environment is dark, you can break the rules by having the eyes and lips stand out. Dark lipsticks are quite fun, and they can make both your eyes and lips stand out. Remember that you are not limited in this case, and you can even try nude lipsticks.

Special Events

If you are attending a special event like a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or industry party, there is a need to balance your makeup. In this case, you can balance between dramatic and classy. In this case, the lipstick you choose depends on the makeup you put on. You should avoid combining dark lips with dark eyes.

If you want to appear as mature and elegant as possible, you should consider striking a balance with deeper berry and rose color. Another option is to choose red lipstick as it suits all occasions. Even nude lipstick works quite well on special occasions, but you may need to pair it with dark eye makeup. When it comes to special events, your freedom to experiment with different lipstick styles is limited.

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