Artwork Ideas for Branded Packaging Bag

by Kristen
Branded Packaging Bag

One way to wow your clients is by giving them a branded packaging bag (know more). In fact, this is one of the best branding moves you can make these days. Simply order wholesale logo bags or custom artwork bags and use them as promotional gifts. Asides making your clients glad, they’ll do your business a lot of good with respect to the public.

Packaging design ideas for wholesale logo bags

There are so many ways to design a branded packaging bag. We will give you a few ideas to help in this section of this post.

Create a Contrast

One way to attract attention to your packaging bags is by playing with contrasting shades of color. Some examples of chiaroscuro are black and white, silver and green, dark blue and cream, purple and gold, etc.

This method has never failed regardless of where it is used. So here’s our advice, when next you are ordering custom artwork bags, use contrasts.

Branded Packaging Bag

Affix a catchy logo to your wholesale bags

Branding without a logo is no branding at all. The mainstay of any branding campaign you will organize is your business logo. So if you do have one yet, you have to get one designed.

When you think of the biggest brands in the world, what comes to mind? If you said their logos, then you are right. This is why you need to get one with a professional touch. It is best to employ the services of a professional if you are not good at designing.

The whole of your product message is summed up in your logo. When you have your logo, place it with tact on your wholesale logo bags.

Let your bag and brand match

This is one mistake that most brands make. The essence of making these bags is to publicize your business. This implies that there must be a balance between the bag design and brand.

For example, there are certain tote bags that are used in carrying wine bottles. If you use the same bags for a notepad business, then it messes up all the work put in.

What we are trying to say is that your bags should be the perfect representation of your business.

Branded Packaging Bag

Make your name and logo stand out on the wholesale bags

The only thing more important than your logo is your business name. You cannot be shy about your business name. Regardless of what language it is gotten from or the length of the name, it shouldn’t be hidden.

Make sure your business name stands out on your packaging bags. Many custom bags have a specific location where you can affix the name. You can also employ the use of contrast in doing this.

Monochrome will add some drama

It is very common to see people play with different colors. We have even told you about using contrasts earlier. Yet, there is another very potent way of designing your bags.

Using monochrome, it may seem dramatic, it will add spice to your bags. This concept makes it easy to recognize your bags so you can leverage it for your next design.

Branded Packaging Bag

Experiment with object placement around the logo of your wholesale bags

The two main objects of your bag design are your business name and business logo. It is the norm to have both sitting one above the other in the middle of the bag.

This is too regular so you can tweak your design by shifting placements. How about the right-bottom corner or the left-top corner?

Do whatever strays from the norm but makes you happy. It will not only make your design unique, but it will also attract your clients’ attention immediately.

Be casual

Being casual means to loosen up on the design of your custom artwork bags. This is perfect when you are running a local business.

Some of the ways you can be casual include using hand-drawn patterns and using loose lines. Try and be a bit laid back with your designs.

Branded Packaging Bag

Go green for your wholesale logo bags

Following the green movement with your wholesale logo bags shows that your business is eco-friendly. Most businesses will choose bags that are green in color for this.

This may not be applicable for every business but there are other ways to show your love for the environment. Simply add a few graphics that show nature to the bag design and you are fine.

Qualities of perfect brand design for your wholesale logo bags

We already know that these branded bags are very important to any business. Two of the key benefits of these bags include:

  • They speak for your business in places you cannot reach. With the amount conversions, a custom artwork bag gets in its lifetime, you want to have some for your business. Customers take them to a lot of places you cannot imagine, especially if they are reusable.
  • These bags show your clients that you care about them. They could be the difference between your business and others in the same sector.

Branded Packaging Bag

The question that begs to be answered is “what are the qualities of perfect brand design for packaging bags?” Of course, there is no hard and fast rule for branding. Yet, there are a few things that make your designs perfect and worth the while.

Some of these qualities of the wholesale logo bags include :

  • Your design should show anyone that sees them the promise statement of your products. This should be clear at first glance so that they don’t need too much convincing in the end. It should carry the necessary information about the product.
  • The design should tell your prospects why they should purchase your products. This should be written in bold, large text.
  • It should be very attractive. This means the colors and graphics should be beautiful and well-crafted. First impressions are very important so you want to make yours count.
  • The structural and graphical design of the bags should be balanced. Without this, there is a probability for people to lose interest in your design altogether.


Designing your branded packaging bag right is key to your branding campaign. There are so many ideas but we have brought you a few that should be helpful. You have also learned the qualities of perfect design.

Share some of your ideas with Zigpac in the comments section, we would love to hear from you.



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