Want To Clean Your Canvas Leather Bag Pack?

by Kristen

The canvas leather bag is definitely all the rage currently. They are stylish, versatile, and equally eco-friendly. They are also invaluable accessories that can be used in styling up other than the fact that they can be worn on different occasions. Depending on the design and pattern, a canvas leather bag pack can be an ideal accessory for workdays, shopping trips, and nights in the town. Today, you will learn how to clean and maintain the quality of your bag.

Important Measures to Take Before Cleaning

Canvas leather bags are an ideal way to incorporate some dash into your personality as well as the preferred style in the everyday carry bag. In layman’s terms, canvas leather bags can feature monograms, button decorations, drawings, printed logos, and embroidery.

Washing Safety

Are the added elements for washing safe for your bag? That is the first question you should ask yourself before you proceed. Specialists recommend yanking out all additions where possible.

Of course, you may not be in a position to remove prints or embroidery. In that case, then, you should definitely consider the following:

Water temperature for the washing machine- if your bag has paintings or other patterns, you need to ensure that you wash it in cooler temperatures

Color transfer- if you wear colored canvas leather bags, ensure that the colors do not transfer or fade

The Color Fading Test

· Fill a bowl with water and then dip a small part of the leather bag into it. Test the bag for fading or bleeding

· Allow the wet area of the bag to be in the water for say 15 minutes

· Check the watercolor to establish if the dye bled in it

· Wring the wet side of the bag in a white cotton cloth

· In case the canvas bag bleeds into the towel, it is really not colorfast

· Do not rinse the bag with other added materials since the dye can transfer onto them

· If your bag is white, then you can skip this test


Before washing the canvas leather bag, you must prepare it. Here is what you must do:

· Empty the pockets of the bag

· Open the zippers

· Shake it well to remove crumbs and other dirt-like parts

· Where possible, pull the insides of the bag outside and check the lining

· Use a roller in removing dust

· In other cases, you can as well use a fabric brush attachment on the vacuum to remove the interior impurities 

· Use a table vacuum for this since it can help you handle the issue more comfortably  

Stain Removal

If the bag is stained, then you need to remove the stains before washing. Heavy stains can be an intense issue, as most of the time need extra care.

Then some stains do not really go away with soap, water, and some soft fabric. You, therefore, need liquid detergent to remove such

Ensure that you apply the recommended stain removal product to the bag to help in making sure that the canvas leather bag does not bleed

Do not scrub stains since color transfers  

Additional Tips

When washing the canvas leather bag, you need to have a few additional tricks up the sleeve.

Depending on your situation and the bag type, you can use one of the methods above.

You can also incorporate the tips below

· Use mild detergent with water. Think about dishwashing soap and laundry detergents

· For a cup of water, you can use half a spoon of mild detergent

· You may also use your old toothbrush to remove stains

Final Thoughts

There are several tips and tricks you can use to clean your canvas leather bag. But these are the main steps and tips. If you have additional methods, feel free to incorporate them into your cleaning routine.

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