How to Apply Your Temporary Tattoos

by Kristen


Tattoos (know more) have been a part of man’s culture for several centuries and more recently, temporary tattoos have become a great option. How do you apply temporary tattoos?

This is a very important question that people who seek the best temporary tattoos seek to answer. In this post, teach you how to apply temporary tattoo stickers. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Applying your temporary tattoos

You see a lot of people wearing tattoos these days. If you love tattoos, you no longer have to hide yours, except if your job prevents you from wearing one. In this case, you can apply temporary tattoos when you need to and take them off or cover them afterward.

The best temporary tattoos can be divided into two major groups. They include:

  • Transfer tattoos
  • Glitter tattoos

Now let’s see how to apply these temporary tattoo stickers.


Applying Transfer Tattoos

These are the steps you should follow when applying a transfer tattoo:

  • Ensure that you have clean and dry skin.

As you know, a temporary tattoo is made from a water-based ink. This means that the natural oil and moisture from your skin will affect them. Pick out the part of your body where you want to place the tattoo.

Once you have this figured out, clean it up using water and soap. Dry it up with a clean towel or paper towel.

If you feel really sweaty, rub some alcohol over the skin to reduce the grease. To do this, dip some cotton wool into the alcohol and use it to wipe the surface of your skin. Here’s a little warning. You shouldn’t use alcohol on your skin daily else you will dry your skin out.

  • Choose your tattoo.

This is the point where you decide the graphics that will be transferred to your skin. There are certain temporary tattoos that are packaged individually. Making a choice from these ones is very easy.

Where the challenge lies in choosing from a sheet of tattoos. You need to pick one of the temporary tattoo stickers you prefer. The moment you have it, you can cut it out using a sharp pair of scissors.

While cutting out your preferred tattoo, be careful not to damage the design. There is a possibility of clipping the design while cutting. Ensure you don’t do this until you separate it from its flash sheet.


  • Remove the clear backing.

When you look over any of the best temporary tattoos, you will notice clear plastic. This thin layer is put there to protect the tattoo. Without removing this layer, your tattoo will look funny.

Looking at the tattoo through this layer provides a preview of your tattoo in mirror format.  You need to be very careful when picking off this layer as you could damage the temporary tattoo. This is why this stage is regarded as one in which you should express care when you apply temporary tattoos.

For the rest of this post, we will refer to the side of the tattoo carrying the ink as the face side. Of course, this is the side that gets its protection from the clear plastic film.

  • Put the image on your skin in a face-down manner.

Now that you’ve made your decision regarding the tattoo design and where it should be placed, it’s time to fix it. Since your skin is already clean, simply place the tattoo over the chosen area.

Be careful not to wiggle the tattoo around as you do this. Instead, hold the image in place firmly. Continue holding it as you transcend to the next stage of the application.


  • Press a wet sponge or cloth over the paper image.

Find a neat cloth or piece of sponge for this process. While it shouldn’t be totally dry, it shouldn’t also be soaking wet.

Simply place the sponge of cloth over your paper of the best temporary tattoos. Push the sponge or cloth firmly against the paper. In doing this, don’t move the cloth around. If you do, you will damage your temporary tattoo stickers.

You should hold this over your tattoo for a minimum of 60 seconds. This patience will get you the best image as you apply temporary tattoos. As you wait for the time to elapse, be careful to minimize your movement.

  • Peel the clear backing.

Begin the peeling process by lifting up one of the corners of the paper. This way, you can peek at your tattoo. You should be able to notice if the image is warped or it isn’t sticking properly.

If this is the case, replace the sponge or cloth and wait another 30 seconds. However, if the tattoo comes out as expected, peel off the clear backing gently.


  • Allow your tattoo to dry.

You still have to employ some patience after removing the clear backing to let your tattoo dry. Don’t try to poke at the tattoo no matter how tempting. Your best bet is to sit still so you don’t smear or wrinkle the tattoo.

  • Add some water-based lotion.

This is the final stage of the application process. You do this to protect your tattoo and make it last longer. Simply pat over it with some lotion or cream. Stay with water-based lotion or creams.

Applying Glitter Tattoo

To apply a glitter tattoo, take the following steps:

  • Clean your skin.

Just like for transfer tattoos or any other tattoo, you should clean up the skin surface. Use soapy water first and a clean paper towel to wipe it dry.

  • Choose your stencil.

There is a specific stencil used for glitter tattoos. Pick out one that suits your skin and place over the desired area.

  • Paint over your stencil using body-safe glue.

Apply the glue so that the glitter will stick to your body. You can purchase all of these in a glitter tattoo kit. Otherwise, buy the glue separately. After painting, make sure the glue dries before you continue.


  • Apply the glitter.

Using a paintbrush apply the glitter to your skin. Of course, this is over the stencil.

  1. Remove the stencil.
  2. Dust any extra glitter off your skin.


With these tips, you now know how to apply temporary tattoos. You can pick out the best temporary tattoos and change them when you please. You can order temporary tattoo stickers online. If you have any demand for custom temporary tattoos, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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