Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 2 Review

by Kristen

Hey, ladies!

howare you guys? It is hoped that the people of Mumbai will enjoy a sudden atmosphere. Despite this, it has not played well. I feel feverish and cold. Anyway, today I will share with you my first eye shadow palette review. I have never had any palette before, only a single eye shadow; so this is my first one. I am very excited about this review, so let’s jump in!


1200 INR. It’s available at 40% discount online.



My thoughts in this eye shadow palette

Packaging: This eye shadow palette is very neatly packaged. The frame color is black and the rest is clear plastic. You can see gorgeous tones through it. The back shows some details of the product. It has a flip mechanism that closes with a click. Palette with two-sided brush. This is simple, but the palette looks very elegant. I like packaging.

Colour&pigmentation: For simplicity, I already have all the shades. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. This is a matte skin tone.

2. Shiny gold.

3. The shadow from the number 3 is the flash version of Shadow No. 1.

4. It is very similar to the number 2 shade, but it has some bronze. It almost looks like rose gold or sparkling copper. Like this shade!

5. This is a very dull brown color, it tends to gray. It is matt and colored, but it does not appear on my skin, no matter how many times I use it.

This kind of shade is a suitable bronze gold with shining light inside.

7. Again shiny gold, slightly brown. It can be described as a dark golden shadow.

8. This shade is a very nice sparkling taupe. Like this shadow!

9. This is the color of silver glitter. Ideal for defining brow bones. It can also be used as a high lighter, but the hands are light.

10. This is a suitable rose gold. Again is a slight shadow.

11. Very close to the 8th tone, but this tone is more.

12. This is a strong black shadow for intense smoked eye makeup.

All shades are super pigments, especially the first and last shades. Only No. 5 lampshade disappointed me, but it may appear on beautiful skin beauty. In contrast, the last six shades are better for me because they are darker shades. The first six shades are colored, but because I have a medium complexion, it doesn’t show me as good. The choice of colors is amazing. This palette is suitable for all traditional occasions. I believe you will get a lot of use from this palette!

Texture: Glittering is very finely ground. The mask does not feel chalky at all. The eye shadow texture is very smooth and super-mixable; you don’t feel sparkling. Only one or two shades, primer is necessary. But other than that, I don’t need a primer. In addition, the palette has a little effect.

Endurance: Without primer, eye shadow can last 4-5 hours. I like the staying power of these eye shadows.

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages:

The advantage of Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Idol 2:
Since it can be discounted, this is an affordable palette.
Value for money.
Super smooth texture.
Good pigmentation.
A good mix of 3 skulls and 9 glittering shadows.
Suitable for Indian occasions.
Versatile shades.
Beautiful and elegant packaging.
Good endurance.
Can be mixed.
The color/tone is suitable for Indian skin color.
The disadvantages of the Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Idol 2:
Only available online.
The eyeshadow of No. 5 disappointed me.

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