How to Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Dress Body Type

by Kristen

Given a chance, most people will change some parts of their body which they deem unsatisfactory. Though most people, especially women are overly critical of some parts of their body, it is a fact that different body types do exist. If you’re a fashion sensitive woman, you might have looked at dress body type to ensure you always look stylish. Below is a guide to aid you in picking the right clothes from that accentuate your best features for the ultimate wow.   

  • A-Line Dress Body Type

The A-line dress is perfect for persons who have an undefined waist. This body type includes the apple body shape and the rectangular body shape. Emphasis on the design is on the waist where it’s made to appear smaller and the chest that is made to appear larger. The illusion of a symmetrical body shape is achieved due to the wide hem that makes the legs appear thinner and longer than they are. As expected, this is not recommended for women with broader shoulders as it upsets the balance.

  • Body Con Dress Body Type

The body con is a tight fitting type of dress. The design enables the accentuation of the waist as it tightly hugs and shows the curvature of the body. Unfortunately, as is tightfitting, this dress is not recommended for persons with wide thighs as it will give off a heavier bottom look. Likewise, women with large knees should steer clear from this dress as it will showcase the largeness instead of hiding it. Nonetheless, because of the balance, it has on shoulders; this dress is perfect for persons with a rectangle body shape hence the go-to dress for women with a large bust area.   

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  • Basque Dress Body Type

Unfortunately, women with large breasts tend to portray a bodybuilders type of look that many deem unsightly. Fortunately, the Basque dress body type is a dress that aims to balance the rectangular body shape look.  The balance is achieved by creating additional volume to the hip area. This is accomplished through the use of additional cloth that should be wider depending on how broad the upper torso is.  As expected, this dress type is not recommended for short women as it will only make them appear rounder.

  • Baby Doll Dress Body Type

Short petite girls are one of the few people who have to look at the best way on how to dress for your body type. Usually, a wrong dress choice portrays a childlike look that many steer clear from. The baby doll dress type is suitable for women who have small breasts and want their feminine features highlighted. As a result, this style is not suitable for persons with an undefined waist as they will appear smallish and rounder.

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  • Shirt Dress Body Type

For a freeing dress that is comfortable and easy to wear, choose to invest in a shirt body type dress.  As it doesn’t have any design marks, this dress is usually worn by slender women. Skinny people should wear this shirt dress with a bet to give the illusion of a waist. As a rule, persons with large busts should stay away from this dress as their breast will lift the dress making it indecent.

  • Empire Waist Dress Body Type

The importance of finding out what your body shape is especially emphasized with the empire waist dress. The design is geared to accentuate the chest making it appear larger. This is achieved by reducing the length of the upper torso by using a clinched waist design.  As a result, it conceals the shortcomings of the waist and the abdomen area hence perfect for persons with a circular shape and large stomach. Women with large breast should avoid this dress type as they will seem like they are spilling from the dress.

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  • Wrap Dress Body Type

Persons with a rectangular body shape should invest in a wrap type dress.  The wrap design works by making the waist appear slimmer.  The bust design gives the illusion of a raised bust while the extra fabric at the hips hides the thighs. As the dress portrays a heavier bottom, persons with larger hips should avoid this how to dress for your body type as it will give off a disproportional look.

  • Tube Dress Body Type

The tube dress is the perfect dress for women with thinner thighs. As it lies close to the woman’s body, it draws out the thighs making them the main focus. A petite woman can also wear this dress type as it highlights the shoulder, giving an illusion of large chest and broader hips making them appear larger than they are. Note that pear body shaped women should avoid this dress as it will make them look heavier at the bottom.

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  • Sheath Dress Body Type

The absence of lateral seams on the seam dress enables the illusion of length. Plus sized women searching on how to dress for your body type should consider this dress type. Ensure you pair this dress with a pair of heels; otherwise, you will appear as if you are cut off at the ankles.  Women with circular body shape should avoid this dress as it will emphasize the roundness of their stomach making you appear rounder.

  • Straight Dress Body Type

Finally, women with broader shoulders have something to smile about as the straight dress body type draws attention from their shoulder to the overall length.  As a result, the design is perfect for those with a large stomach. Due to the overall largeness of the shoulders, this dress design hides the defects of the thighs making you appear fuller at the hip area. To successfully pull this off, women with the large bust area should avoid this dress as it will make them look too heavy. 

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Instead of being excessively critical about your body shape and deeming it inadequate, why not research to discover the best dress body type for you. Doing so will allow you to easily pick clothes that hide your deficiencies and showcase your very best feature. Additionally, knowing the kind of dress that flatters your body type makes it so much easier to purchase clothes from online shops like

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