Avon Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Review

by Kristen
You may already know of my love for the Sanctuary 5 Minute Detox Mask, well this works in a very similar way but it’s not self heating and it also goes someway to minimising my pores. It doesn’t quite give me the same ‘deep clean’ but it does absorb oil and I find that the next day my skin isn’t as shiny as it usually would be I have tried a few Avon masks over the years but this is most definitely my favourite, if you have oily skin I would recommend this a couple of times a week (I am a mask freak and use them almost every day) to help control your tzone and minimise break outs. You only need a thin layer and the way I’m using it the tube will last me for months.

Unfortunately I can’t find it for sale on Avons website right now, it’s in the current brochure if you have a representative near you but if you do want to buy it online you can get it on Amazon for £6.99.

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