Why man needs a ‘manket’?


If I want to tell you a piece of clothing, make the wearer look just part of an Afghan politician, and the other part of the man needs only a little cuddling – and some Superman cloak thrown in behind it?


You will definitely think that nothing can really exist. So imagine, I added, when not wearing it on the neck, it can be cleverly put on his shoulders, in a few seconds to change his expression to “highland chiefs”? No, you will say: This cannot be true. However, friends, this is. This is the “manket” – or man’s blanket – in the past year, it has been in the sights of men in the forefront of fashion and dominated the fall and winter fashion shows. It is essentially a blanket with a triangle cut off so you can put it on your shoulder and roll to the street next month.

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion forward. I rarely make bold tailoring choices, and usually I will regret it. But when I first saw the gloves, I knew that I would not only have to break my number one style rule – that is, never wear a dress, its name contains something ”” – I need to help other People understand and appeal.


So how can I convince you? First of all, Russians wear it. There are many places where I would be wary of following the lead of Russian men, such as when it comes to extending life expectancy, detoxifying, etc. I think we can agree that the men of the former Soviet Union – from Tomsk to Omsk, Balabinsk to Chelyabinsk, Petrograd to Belgorod by Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod De’s and All – Green, – Gorod and – between Adobe – Know one or two pieces about winter clothing.

I know that the city list is superfluous, but the River Island gloves I was wearing during typing made me overly boring. Well, this is practical. It’s big enough for two people, so if your girlfriend or same-sex couple starts complaining about colds, you can wrap them up. If you are in the park and need a place to sit, you can get a handy blanket; if you are trapped in some loose items and nothing can carry them, you can use your gloves. Turning it over is also a fashionable way to show that the controversy is over and that its influence is far more than that of sw scar’s scarf.


This does not mean that I do not understand objections. This is really nothing new: The boys of Spandau Ballet were studying the prototype decades ago. In some lights, it looks a bit like poncho. When I heard this, it sounded even more unacceptable, because my sister posted a “manmina” – or man pashmina – after seeing my label this weekend. Other friends saw it in the flesh as “bold expression”, which is a little compliment.

Anyway: No one is a prophet in his own country. What I’m trying to pass is this perfect winter outfit for modern men. Returning to the original description, this is a project that said the Scottish Warriors had a duvet day, notes with superheroes and diplomats in the Middle East. What better symbolizes that we must balance the difficulties and sensitivities between Britain in the 21st century, domestic and international, daily and heroic?

But even in the 21st century, our tailor’s tastes may be too conservative and therefore not adaptable. Wearing it requires boldness, which means standing out from the crowd. Any child can carry a safety blanket, but you need a real man to wear gloves.


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